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How To Schedule The Best Mountain Bike Queenstown Vacation

How To Schedule The Best Mountain Bike Queenstown Vacation

If you enjoy mountain biking, and you are headed to New Zealand this year, there are several different options available for people that enjoy this type of activity. Many of the tours will take you into some of the most beautiful areas of the country, allowing you to experience not only the beauty, but the exhilarating experience of downhill biking at high speeds. There are some people that do mountain biking competitively, whereas there are others that would simply like to experience it for their first time. If you are into any type of activity that can provide you with an adrenalin rush, you may want to consider this mountain bike Queenstown excursion.

Mountain Bike Tours From Adventure Junkies

Although this company is primarily known for the many different adrenalin focused vacations that they provide, some of which last 10 days, you might want to look at some of their shorter mountain bike Queenstown options. For example, there is the QT Essential, a three day experience where you can have the best XC and DH biking in the country. This is a world-class destination, one that will allow you to travel in the Queenstown Bike Park, ride the 7 Mile, and also do the Rude Rock Track. If you have more time, the DH Epic is one of the best downhill biking experiences you will ever have. It is similar to the QT Essential, but you will also get to do the Wynyard Express DH Track, Remarkables DH Trail and many others. Another five day mountain bike Queenstown experience that they have available is the Heli Max Vert. You will be taken up to a height of 1600 m where you will land, and enjoy a fantastic dissent going down a single track all the way to Touhys Saddle.

How To Schedule Your Trip

If you want to do mountain biking, you need to contact Adventure Junkies as soon as you can. This is a popular company, one that has provided the services for many years. They have many repeat customers, and it is because of this that things can book very quickly. You may have to wait for several weeks, or even months, if you do not contact them long before they begin offering these mountain biking excursions. Best of all, they are very affordable, allowing you to see quite a bit of New Zealand and get your adrenalin fix at the same time.

If you have not been to New Zealand, and mountain biking is one of your favorite pastimes, you really have to visit the Adventure Junkies website. They have a few of the best mountain bike Queenstown adventure is that you can go on, ranging from 3 to 5 days each. They are priced very affordably, but you must call to make sure you can reserve your time. This is a company that people use from all over the world to see the unique landscape of New Zealand up close. You might even want to try some of their other adventures, some of which will last 10 days, allowing you to see a substantial amount of the South Island. If you do want to experience a mountain biking adventure, contact Adventure Junkies today.